April 28, 2015

KRS rarities/oddities

As a fan of  music, DJ, collector, seller, I'm always researching music. Just for shits and giggles I searched 'KRS' in the popsike search engine to see which of his records sold for the highest prices. This led me to find a bunch of BDP/KRS records I had either never known about or forgotten about...

For those of you that are curious, the winner of the highest priced KRS-One record is an acetate of a double sided instrumental 12" of Jimmy/Stop The Violence which sold for an astounding $577 on ebay. The only thing exclusive on this is the 'Jimmy' Instrumental. I'm guessing the draw is that it's an acetate? You can't even play this thing more than a few times before you destroy it.

There were other instrumental test pressings that sold for quite a bit as well, including a 1 of 25 Blueprint instrumental show vinyl, and another 1 of 25 show vinyl.

Now on to the seldom heard KRS tracks...

The Celebrity Three was one of KRS-One's groups before Boogie Down Productions was created. The group released one record, 'Advance,' on Street Beat Records in 1985/86 shortly before BDP was born. This one goes for up to $200. I was thinking this was the demo KRS played for Mr. Magic, as the story goes, before KRS got dissed and took off with Marley's drum kit, but that was actually a song from another group KRS was in called 12:41

This is a record/tape that I've never heard of before and probably won't be able to hear in my lifetime. It's called the BPD Crew live in Japan, and apparently it has an extended original version of 'The Kenny Parker Show' and also a freestyle session with Willie D, Ms. Melodie and Kenny Parker doing live beats on the Sp-1200.

Another acetate that you would think only Red Alert has, like those weird Ultramagnetic acetates that were popping up a few years back. This one is labeled Grand Wizard Theodore, KRS and Just-Ice doing two tracks - 'Dope beat forever' and 'Money pioneers.' An internet search on this led to nothing. I'm wondering what the hell this was about, and anyone who PM's me a rip of this is my hero.

'Break The Chain,' I vaguely remember Stretch playing this track once, and not really feeling it. The way they looped up that Skull Snaps record sounds a little off, and the cheerleader chorus is annoying. Still, you gotta give props to KRS for linking up with Marvel on this and getting his own comic book, and getting Marvel to create a record label around it. The video for this was pretty fresh too, and I can't believe I forgot to add to my artwork post years back. I also can't believe this fetches nearly $200 per vinyl copy. 

Finally, this rare white label of KRS-One with the Coldcrush Brothers doing 'Throwdown' This came along with 'The MC' on a few rare promo white labels. This has been on my want list for nearly two decades since DJ Riz used to burn the shit out of it on WNYU. Not sure why this was never given a proper release 


  1. Although this is from a soundtrack and isn't a KRS-One record specifically, I don't recall hearing the Diamond D Rhodes Mix played that often. Maybe once by Stretch. Probably better known for me for being the second beat in the infamous Agent 106 freestyle from July of 95.

  2. that was a dope remix, I didn't know Diamond did it