February 29, 2012

Uptown Kickin it

I was flipping through some old school hip hop videos and landed on this one. If Dr Jeckyll storming in in on a record executive meeting with a dozen gold chain wearing back up dancers isn't great enough, peep how great of an entrance Heavy D and his dancers make at the :30 mark. They jump from completely off screen on and start dancing. Then you get the classic 80's hip hop stunt where you find the oldest looking white guy in a suit and rhyme in his face. The mixer Marley is using is crazy Jurassic. This video is just all around great. This is what's missing in hip hop videos nowadays... back up dancers, matching outfits, typical badass/prankster moves, etc. R.I.P. Heavy D. Not sure if this was his first appearance here in Uptown Crew's 'Uptown Kickin it' in 1986.


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