February 12, 2012

Agent 106 Freestyle

As Stretch says, this was one Hefty Bag of a session. Some real deep lyrics. This was from a Stretch & Bobbito Show sometime in the summer of 1995. Because I didn't tape the interview, I actually had no idea who this was until recently when someone on the Philaflava forums mentioned that it was Agent 106. The beat he's on is a beat brought up by G-Bo the Pro. Enjoy...

Agent 106 Freestyle WKCR 1995


  1. One of the most underrated freestyles in the history of The Stretch Armstrong Show..July 6th 1995. Only thing missing is the second part of the freestyle where 106 flows over the Diamond D Rhodes Mix of KRS-One - "Ah Yeah". I have the whole thing on a freestyle compilation I made around that time.

    1. word, can u bless me with that full freestyle/full show from that night?