September 19, 2011

Diezzle Don & Tha Govna

Here's an early track from Newark's own Diezzle Don and The Govna. I took this one off a 1993 Stretch & Bobbito show. Not sure if this saw any kind of release on vinyl or LP. I've been trying to find out where it came from, so if anyone knows let me know. Enjoy..

Diezzle Don & The Govna - School of Hard Knocks?


  1. Mad props Nes, this is straight ill.

  2. As a friend and supporter of D DON and G Mattic and the whole of BRICK MOB movement Good looks on this classic..I'mm send it to Gmattic on FB and see the response....I bring up old stuff!!

  3. no doubt, trying to figure out if this was released or not, or where it came from. I'm thinking it might be demo material or something, if so I'd love to hear more like it