August 30, 2011

Big Daddy Kane Westwood Session 1989

Here's Big Daddy Kane in session
with Tim Westwood circa 1989
with a quick 2 minute freestyle over
a Kool & The Gang break... 
peace to Dave in Essex 

Big Daddy Kane Westwood Freestyle

*Full Show - Tim Westwood Capital Dance Show (5-13-1989)

Date: 5-13-1989
DJ: Tim Westwood
Show: Capital Dance Show
Station: Capital Radio 95.8 FM

Side 1

Uptown - Dope On Plastic
Black Rock and Ron - I'm Tired of All This
Chuck Chillout - The Rhythm is the Master
Special Ed - I Got It Made
Paul Lawrence - I Ain't With It
Guy - I Like
Advert ('Allo 'Allo)(Currie Motors)(Sunday Mirror)(Toni Childs)
Break To The Beat (James Brown - Blues and Pants)
De La Soul - what Is More?
AOK - Shack It Up
Break To The Beat
Superlover C - Do The James
MC Sugar Ray - Knock 'Em Out Sugar Ray
Advert (TV Show)

Side 2

Joyce Ivy + Doug E Fresh - Mr DJ
James Brown - Talking Loud & Saying Nothing
Advert (Peugeot 205XE)(The People)
Independent Radio News
Litter, Anti Poll Tax, Boy Scouts dying,
Bogus doctor commits suicide)
Show resumes with jingles etc.
De La Soul - Me Myself & I (Remix)
Big Daddy Kane - Rap Summary
NMC & ADJ - Messiah
Gig Guide
Jodie Watley - Friends
Advert (Savacenter)(Sunday Mirror)(Nescafe)
New Edition - Crucial
Big Daddy Kane - In Session


  1. thanks again fella, much appreciated

  2. Fresh Blog mang!! Much appreciated, considering I jus' bought tix to see BDK here in Sydney (October).
    Have bookmarked this ting & will checkin' now & then 'cus ya got the ill shit from my era, when style & originality was paramount!!
    Oh yea, on the topic of BDK, you gotta check the doco of him on unsung (some TV1 shit, ie. cable TV).. I downloaded it from youtube myself.

    A request yo...

    Pleaaaaaase re-up the CM Famalam Sept '99 (I was there w/ Keo & James TOP filmin' that shit too!!)
    That would take me for a mad trip down memory lane...

    Big up yaself brah.

  3. Is there any chance of re-uploading some of this Westwood stuff, now that Megaupload is long gone?

  4. a lot of the westwood shows I had on an older computer, but I have them backed up on disk. At some point I'm going to try to get them all re-upped and up some new ones