June 21, 2011

Westwood Capitol Radio 1989 (w/Black, Rock & Ron)

Kickin' it old school again with some more Tim Westwood Capitol Rap Show. This one's from April Fool's Day, 1989. Featured guests are Black Rock & Ron. Peace to Dave in Essex and the original uploader. Show starts about 5 or 6 minutes in, after some news reports.

1) Independent Radio News                           
2) Opening Jingles                                  
3) Heavy D and the Boyz - We Got Our Own Thing      
4) Jingle - Heavy D                                 
5) T la Rock - T'ing Off                            
6) Kings of Pressure - Brains Unchained             
7) Gig Guide Part 1                                 
8) Most Wanted - Calm Down                          
9) Ace and Action - Together                        
10) Gig Guide Part 2                                                                               
11) Black Rock and Ron - In Session                  
12) Black Rock and Ron - Interview                   
13) Black Rock and Ron - Stop the World      

 Westwood Capitol Radio 4-1-1989 (tape 2)


  1. Gotta love those news reports at the start - 20 year old news. Fresh.

    Pzz Dave in Essex!

  2. The Black Rock n Ron session is GOLD, and the news reports about the arm ripping chimp at Folkestone zoo is jokes....

    Biggest shouts to yerself and Dave from Essex