June 26, 2011

Halftime Show 11th Anniversary

This was posted on UGHH, along with many other Halftime shows you can find in their archives... wanted to run it by here for those who might have missed it. This is the Halftime Show 11 year anniversary on March 4, 2009.

DJ Eclipse sets it off with some unreleased treats, DJ A-Trak cuts up some Hip Hop, DJ JS-1 kills it with non-stop OG breaks, DJ Premier takes you on a journey through some of his production, Tony Touch gives you some B-boy breaks, and finally Evil Dee and Mr. Walt jump on the tables for the last 15 minutes with some old/new hip hop. A legendary line-up of DJ's and a nice variety of music... 

Halftime Show 3-4-2009 (11th Anniversary)
(w/DJ A-Trak, DJ JS-1, DJ Premier, Tony Touch & Beatminerz)

 Part 1 

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  1. Wow..what a lineup...imagine that line up in a club! Looking forward to listening to this...cheers