February 3, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 6th Anniversary Show

Here's a good 75 minutes from the 6th anniversary of the Stretch Armstrong Show on October 24, 1996. The show features freestyles from King Tee, Bootcamp's (Buckshot & Steele) and the Indelible MC's (El P, Breezly Brewin', J-Treds). Dr. Dre was also in the studio but didn't rhyme. The tape jumps around a little (pause edits), but still holds a lot of treats.

*update - the full 4 hour show for this date has been recovered by Aleph/nobs/Steve
via the Philaflava forums...

Peace to StretchBobbito.

Check out words from Stretch about the 5th Anniversary Show
featuring Kool G Rap and Grimm on this post from Stretch's blog.

And big shouts to A-One for blessing us with portions of the
4th Anniversary Show featuring Common on this post.

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  1. thanks, nes. Keep 'em moving.
    I'll try to fill in the missing titles over the weekend.