February 3, 2010

Radio Ruckus (Cymarshall Law) 6-5-2005

Here's an old Radio Ruckus show featuring Cymarshall Law and your boy DJ Nes with a break mix. I was listening to the Halftime show last week and heard a couple of Cymarshall Law's new joints and remembered I had this. On this tape he plays a couple joints (I'm not sure they were released or not) live on the air and drops a few freestyles. Peace to DJ Knowledge, AB, and everyone in Jersey.

Radio Ruckus 6-25-2005

1) Cymarshall Law (Ever living sound) - The Devil Within
2) Cymarshall Law - Good News?
3) Cymarshall Law - Freestyle
4) DJ Nes - Break mix


  1. Thanks right now I am playing a Percy P 2002 show on a spongebob tape player

  2. word? I don't remember Percee coming up to Radio Ruckus, must have been out of studio that week..