March 5, 2009

WKCR 1999

I'm gonna hit you off today with two WKCR shows from 1999. At this point in time,
Stretch & Bobbito had parted ways as a team and began hosting the shows seperately on alternate weeks, so I'm going to put up shows from both Stretch and Bobbito.

First up is one of my favorite CM Fam-a-lam tapes, on this night Bobbito did a tribute to one of the best MC's, Kool G Rap. You'll hear a little over an hour of Bobbito's favorite Kool G Rap tracks, including some exclusive stuff (the unreleased 'I Declare War', and a live freestyle from Marley Marl's WBLS show).

CM Fam Kool G Rap Mix

Next you have Stretch Armstrong doing his thing on his night with special guests The Outsidaz. This one here was a 120 minute tape so you get 2 full unedited hours. I don't have too many shows recorded with Stretch Armstrong Djing on WKCR post 1998, but I have one more that will come soon...

Stretch Armstrong Show 1999 (Outsidaz)

Once again, peace to Bobbito and Stretch.
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Peace to everyone checking the site


  1. Love these Stretch & Bobbito posts. Nice to see Stretch will have some fresh posts on his blog soon (fingers crossed). Another classic night in this era was when Bob spun all Bronx joints with Mighty-Mi as his guest. Need some more '95-'96 Mayhem & Riz WNYU posts if at all possible. Keep up the good work.

  2. link is dead
    definitely some mayhem
    and pete futureflavas

  3. 2nd one was wrong think is good now.

  4. I always enjoy these Stretch & Bob posts myself. Thanks nes.

  5. keep the stretch & bob's coming bro, just like the NBA "i love this game!"

  6. Wow, thanks for that Kool G Rap mix. Dope shit, as usual.

  7. I forgot to mention that the version of Big Daddy Kane's 'Raw' featuring G Rap is also on there, heat.

  8. Lovin' the site. So many good memories (late nights taping Stretch & Bob). Doesn't seem like the link for Bobbito's Kool G Rap mix is working. Would really like to get that one...