March 22, 2009

Best of Cm Famalam 2001

Here's another best of CM Famalam live from 2001. Bobbito and Lord Sear celebrate their 3rd year of their show by playing their favorite guest performances and freestyles from the year. Nice mix of freestyles, turntablism, and even a Lord Sear love poem. Peace to Bobbito and Lord Sear.

Best of CM Radio 2001

1) Lord Sear Love Poem
2) 89.9 Promo
3) Mobb Deep Freestyle
4) Rapper Ness Freetsyle
5) RZA & Masta Killah Freestyles
7) Cormega Freestyles
8) 89.9 Promo
9) DJ Klever, DJ Dopey, & Snake Eyez Routines
10) Pack FM & Tone Deaf Freetsyles


  1. Thanks for this one. I listened a couple of times but I still can't place that emcee on 6.

  2. Not 100% sure but I'm thinking #6 is Grand Agent

  3. Damn, missed out on this, anyway I can get a re-up?

  4. That was fast, good lookin' out..