August 8, 2008

Post #200

Here goes a clip from an ITF Competition around 1997.
They had both scratching and beat juggling battles,
this is 1st place DJ Craze's set from the scratch portion of the battle.

I think DJ Craze might be my favorite battle DJ. Not only is dude really innovative but he's well developed in both scratching and beat juggling without being too technical to follow along with.


  1. I mos def agree with you, but I might have to go wit Noize, the guy jus had the ill routines nobody could fuck wit. Nes you have the full ITF video?
    If so anychance you could link that up? Also don't forget about that Mr Walt mix bro...

  2. I only have a few sets from that ITF that I dubbed from a friend, most of the others were just decent.

    that Craze mix on your page is sick
    been bumpin that all week

  3. Congrats on # 200 homie!