July 9, 2007

Half A Mill

As a listener of 'New York Live' (89.1, WNYU, now the Halftime Show), I got to hear from Half a Mill some time before a lot of people. Anyone who listened to the show around 94-98 knew that he was a regular there, dropping freestyles, and playing exclusive demo tracks way before he had a spot on the Firm album in 1997, which was considered his mainstream debut. Half a Mill was in my opinion one of the nicer MC's out at the time. He had a unique voice, witty lyrics, rhymed about some street shit, but at the same time had a good sense of humor. Unfortunately Half A Mill is no longer with us, so in tribute, a Half a Mill freestyle from sometime in 1996 (over Big Noy'd recognize instrumental) on 89.1 New York Live. For anyone who hasn't heard Half A Mill, you should check out his stuff.

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  1. Do you got HalfAMil's demo? I know DJ Scratch did most of it. I remember a song called Make it Hot that Mister Cee played on his show Best of Both Worlds. I need that.

  2. Ayo...
    Any chance of a re-up bruv??

  3. this one here and a few others in this zip

    taken from this post

  4. yea..i got that tape from that night still rip mil