November 27, 2016

Big L & OC on Westwood

Here's a Tim Westwood segment from 1997 featuring O.C. and Big L. Nice interview, and freestyle at the end. Taken from the homie Stepone's blog, check him out.

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  1. Hey Nes,Dangerous(ly)Delicious Treat.
    Quick ? News I seldomly dload images,however The Dope DJMuro flick wow under the trustee eye of DJRiz and this BIGL post (beautiful)no save image option.
    Anyway to save, I like I said I don't do much so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but usually save image pops up, it's funny the only two photos I went to down other than I think the only thing I saved ever was Bob with the Harlem shirt on for the last CM Famalam Show congratulations on the 10th and let me know if you can