November 27, 2015

Shabaam Sahdeeq

I could have sworn Shabaam Sadheeq was representing Teaneck, NJ, or Jersey City, but the internet says Brooklyn. I was listening to a Stretch show from 1997 and this track came up. I did a little research to see this wasn't on any of the Rawkus 12"s or any of his 12"s that came out around this time. Probably due to sample clearance? I liked the flip of Bobby Hutcherson's 'Montara,' and I'm thinking Nick Wiz did the beat on this, because it sounds like his drum kit. If anyone knows if this was white labeled, or anything else about it, please let me know. I'm calling it 'On a Mission,' because I don't know the title.


  1. Digital StimulationFriday, November 27, 2015

    You're correct on the title, it is "On A Mission". I don't think it was ever released at the time but Nick Wiz put it on Cellar Sounds Vol. 2.

  2. nice, never knew of that comp, thanks

  3. He's representing both - like Das EFX :) He moved from Teaneck to Brooklyn.

    Nick Wiz just announced Vol.4 of his Cellar Sounds series. He put out tons of dope unreleased songs on these CDs in recent years. There are also vinyl versions.

  4. Just peeped that, that's dope he's finally releasing tracks like these. Better late than never

  5. The Modern Artillery ep was incredibly dope to me.... Thx Nes,as always & Krisch the for NickWiz.... info,been looking for,vol.4 on vinyl... Happy New Year to all FAM Universally, 1

  6. Hey,Nes.... I should have weighed in on earlier,yes... He came from Jersey... Repn SinisterV.s do you remember the show S-Dub premiered same night as BlackThought was up for IlladelpHalflife promo,"No Alibi" debut nvr forget that was a tape splicing session... So you know a dope show,&being early'96 real surprised I can't find .... playlist was debut of StickYou,but a very Complimentary MC pairing.
    Bob even makes point to say "Yes,only on 89tec9 will you....
    From NJ,as Krisch wrote... Reps Brk'lyn & it should be noted,one heck of an Artist that does 1man shows.... All over the lowerdeck(&tri-state,I'll drop a few flyers here on next one.).... Does all his own Artwork on every Project he's released in last 12yrs... Something I was Also remiss w earlier,site looks,&better yet, sounds better than ever Rock on Nes.n..FAM 1