October 2, 2015

Re-Up Stretch & Bobbito Hot 97 (w/Problemz & Black Attack)

From the Boogie and the Barber show on Hot 97, with guest Problemz and Black Attack. Peace to Stretch & Bobbito and Greg T. No exact date on this one, probably sometime around March 1997. Lot of tracks I can't identify if anyone knows..

1) Laster - Off Balance
2) Godfather Don - Seeds of Hate
3) RA the Rugged Man - 50,000 Heads (w/Sadat X)
4) Black Attack - Holdin It Down
5) Beatnuts - Do You Believe?
6) Defari - Lock Shit Down
7) OC - My World
8) Craig G - Sing-A-Long
10) Mic Break
11) Black attack & Problemz Freestyle/Interview
12) Phone Skit/Cage
13)Shadez of Brooklyn - Diamond Mine
14) HDM - Real MC's
15) Jigmastas - Iz U Dee (Remix)
16) Krimb Snatcha - Gangster Disease
17) La The Darkman -
18) DJ Muggs - Devil in Blue Dress 19)


  1. this was a dope show, i hope u have a few more stretch & bobbito joints in the stash!!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I tried to download this but it says "Invalid ID" when I click on the link.

  3. seems to work ok for me,,_Problemz)_DW.mp3.html

  4. hi readers, only caught that bobbito and stretch rbma reunion interview recently and made an mp3 out of it, here you go!download|609p5|2259825552|82155566.mp3|91838|R~4B90E10CBFD758CFD03DFA6703F6FDC2|0|0

  5. whats the last track on the tape called?????

  6. i need some other shows are you gonna upload some other ones??

  7. leave your request in comments or send to my email. if i still have the stuff on my computer I try to fill requests.

  8. Track 13: Shadez Of Brooklyn - Diamond Mine ,son said it at the beginning and you should recognize the voices
    Track 17: DJ Muggs feat. LA - Devil In The Blue Dress , also said
    Black Attack - Holdin It Down
    Jigmastas - Iz You Dee Remix


  9. 09 - Raheim - Life after Hip-Hop

  10. 9) Raheim - Life After Hip hop

  11. Track 9 is Raheim "Life After Hip Hop".
    Thanks for the upload, as always...

  12. Anyone know that track after 17: DJ Muggs feat. LA - Devil In The Blue Dress??