August 24, 2013

AG, Artifacts & Sadat Live

Peace to El the Sensai for getting AG, TameOne and Sadat X to come through New Brunswick, NJ last night to perform. We got a little bit of video footage for some exclusive Dirty Waters content. Big shout to P Original and DJ Kaos also in the place

Your boy Nes had to bring out the Next Level 12" for this one. Always been a big Showbiz & AG fan, and gotta say he's definitely cool people. Check out these AG freestyles from the Dirty Waters archives, and some live video from the show to follow...

AG XL 1998

AG & GD 1/2 Time Show 1998

This video footage didn't work out quite the way I wanted it to, but AG still kills it.
P Orig has some better footage that will be up soon..


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