January 25, 2012


Was going through the Death Wish Soundtrack and caught the loop for this J-Force 'Bulls Eye.' Sounds like he used the Little Feet drums too. This is an indie label joint from late 1994 that I've seen selling pretty high in the past couple of years. It has both cuts and production by J-Force and was mixed at Marley Marl's House of Hits studio.

The clown logo is kind of odd, and I can't help but laugh at how rugged this dude tries to make his voice, especially on the 2nd verse. Still I'm diggin it.

J-Force - Bull's Eye


  1. Ayo Nes, check out his unreleased joint:
    and im sure you know his "For All Those" track:

    BullsEye another one of them joints i had and lost cause im an asshole. If ya ever decide to sell or trade, let me know before you go to ebay!! Lol.. thanks

  2. Also, on Bull's Eye, Primo sampled him for the hook on Above The Clouds.. " enemies freeze.."

  3. i didn't realize this was used on above the clouds, that's crazy. I'm gonna have to go back and give that another listen. Definitely if I'm selling this I'll let you know.

  4. Bulls'eye reissue limited '45 here