July 19, 2011

Big City Records, NJ

I usually don't hype events, releases or stores, but I definitely want to see this store stay in business...

Big City Records has been around since November of last year. Not sure if there is an affiliation with the Big City Records in NY, but the store is kind of like the NJ version. They have a good amount of Rock, Soul, Jazz, Disco and Hip Hop, and not a bullshit selection. 

I stopped by the store for the first time this Saturday. I didn't get a chance to go through all of the boxes thoroughly, but I breezed through the hip hop crates and caught a 'What's Next' Extra P remix for $3 and the 'Kaught in the AK'  Premier remix for $1. New Jersey does not have a good amount of record stores surviving, so if you are in the NJ area check these guys out. 


  1. Will definitely be checking this out. Haven't heard about this spot until now. Thanks Nes.

  2. no doubt, definitely worth a look around.

  3. Yeah man, it's definitely by the same guys from Big City in NY. I haven't been there yet only cause I'm kinda shook to drive my car on the highway cause the transmission is messed up.

    But you're right, any Jersey heads should definitely check it out since there really isn't too many spots like that left over here.

  4. figures, logos are pretty identical, and they even use the same kind of price stickers. Really good prices and selection there, hope they stay there for a while.