December 30, 2012

Re-Up: Underground Railroad 5-4-2002

Here's another Underground Railroad with Monkone and Tom Kat going record for record. 45 minutes of all original breaks.

Peace to Emskee, Monkone, G-Man and J Smooth.

Underground Railroad WBAI 5-4-2002 (Monkone & Tom Kat)


  1. DOPE STUFF ! Thanks

  2. haha, you'll prob win but I can definitely rock

  3. Its been a while since i've been back to the blog but by the time my work found out who was downloading the massive amounts of files shutting down the server i stockpiled enough greatness off your site to hold me over til i got my own computer. Back in the game! You're the man for this stuff. Thank you.

  4. nah, a lot of these I don't know. Mid 90's I would be able to do one no problem