February 15, 2011

Stretch & Bobbito 7-27-1995 (w/Natural Elements & Tone the Butcher)

1) Diezzle Don & The Govna - Now you Know
2) Soul Kid Klick - Mortal Kombat
3) D&D All Stars - 1,2 Pass it (Remix)
4) Natural Elements 89.9 Promo
5) L-Swift - How it's goin down
6) Natural Elements (L-Swift, Mr.Voo, Dante Pacino) Interview Freestyle
7) Raekwon - Knowledge God
8) KGB - Bless Ya Life
9) Q-Ball & Curt Cazal - My Kinda Moves
10) Godfather Don - Burn
11) Raekwon - Verbal Intercourse
12) Jay-Z - I Can't get with that
13) B.U.M.S. - Take a Look Around (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)
14) Mad Skillz - Skillz in 95
15) Ten Theives - Black Reign
16) Q-Tip - Glamour & Glitz
17) Tone The Butcher Interview/Freestyle
18) Phone Calls

Peace to Greg T


  1. Thanks, Nes!

    Damn, the Natural E freestyle is dope, these guys definitely knew how to handle the mic.

  2. Wrong date..7.25.1995 wasn't a Thursday..It was a Tuesday.

  3. Saint Ides NIC crew Brick CityFriday, October 14, 2011

    The phone calls are essential Nice touch to add them. Plus big ups for D-Don and Gov being on here....I have tons of tapes...and I REALLY have to get my mind right and upload these things! Thanks, homey.

  4. ^word keep the tapes alive, get at me if/when u get them ripped or need help ripping them, I'm in rahway

  5. Saint Ides NIC crewMonday, October 31, 2011

    Oh!! You're close...I reside in Scotch Plains as of 5 years ago.....I'll hit you once I gather some of these tapes up.....some I have to even fix the snapped ribbon in. Played em too much, I guess.

  6. ^definitely, if/when you want link up drop a line again here or at my e-mail. I can help you get them digitized, and I got a trick for the snapped tapes, haha, had that happen a bunch of times.