September 24, 2007

Trueness to the Blueness

Kurious may be one of the most slept on MC's from the mid 90's era. His debut LP 'A Constipated Monkey' was a classic, with fresh lyrics, and solid production from the SD50's, Pete Nice, and the Beatnuts (who also dropped some lyrics on the LP). He also had a nasty freestyle ability, as heard from his many appearances on the Stretch and Bobbito Show (Lord Sear was his DJ). One of my favorite tracks which only came out on the 'I'm Kurious' 12", was mansion and a yacht, featuring Sadat X, and Mike G (from the Jungle Brothers).

In a lot of ways Kurious is the complete opposite of what MC's are all about nowadays. He was a humble dude who rhymed about how ugly and broke he was rather than rhyming about how much ice he rocked, or how many people he shot. After this album he kind of disappeared from the scene for awhile, until reemerging on MF Doom's 'Operation Doomsday' LP guest appearing on the track '?'.

What's even more slept on than his LP, is the unreleased track 'Trueness to the Blueness', where he tackles the subject of girls not putting out, and having to deal with blue balls. The shit is hilarious. Produced by the SD50's, they make good use of Sugar Billy's 'Super Duper Love'. For those of you who don't have a honey in your life, this dub's for you...


  1. thanks for posting this. i never even heard of it till the unkut interview

  2. Damn. Dope ass post foreal. Thanks for this and the other unreleased tracks...just found your blog today. Already loving it. Thanks.