June 17, 2007

DJ Muro

Japan's DJ Muro can also be credited as one of the pioneers of crate digging/ break mix tapes with his King of Diggin' series. According to an article I read in Waxpoetics magazine, Muro was first heard in New York on WNYU's New York Live radio show, hosted by DJ Mayhem, Martin Moore, and DJ Riz. I was fortunate enough to tune in that night and record his NY debut (a 30 minutes set of breaks/samples much like his King of Diggin' Series). So for those of you who missed out on this classic broadcast, here is DJ Muro live on WNYU from April 1996. To this day, this is one of my all time favorite tapes...

DJ Muro - Live on WNYU, New York Live, April 1996

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  1. Dope! I just finally listened to this. Was definitely surprised to hear Gene Chandler's "Groovy Situation"... one of my all-time cheese favorites.

  2. I think you're talking about that Pete Rock sample, that's a good track

    I recently got a waxpoetics with an article on Muro and they said this-

    "Muro's stateside debut was on DJ Mayhem's show at the NYU station. Those who tuned in still haven't forgotten the way the airwaves got rocked that night."

    I guess this is his first time DJing in NY or maybe even US, I'm glad I caught this

  3. thats crazy!!.... I've been listening to Muro for a while now. I think I bought king of diggin in 96-97... I didnt realize it was a series (king of diggin 1-3).. went back and bought the rest of the tapes... yes tapes!. My musical pallete has never been the same. DJ Muro is one of the illest!..


  4. no question, Muro has a ton of mix cd's and they are all dope