June 7, 2008

pop, lock, and freeze with Relm

This next guest post is from my boy RELM from the UK. RELM is among one of the many members of the philaflava forums with really great taste in music. After I saw him dropping a couple of gems in the forums and leaving some comments here on dirtywaters I knew we had similar tastes, so I had to ask him to do a guest spot for me. He blessed me with this old mixtape that will have u backspinning in no time. Peace to everyone in the UK and worldwide...

First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to Nes for letting me come aboard and write a short piece for Dirty Waters. This Q-unique tape I’m submitting for Nes’s blogspot was purchased back in 99 If my memory serves me correct. I was on a weekend break in NYC taking in the sights and visiting as many record stores as I could in a short space of time. I remember visiting Fat Beats & Bobbito’s Footwork and purchasing a lot of stuff but not as much as I should have. This tape stood out for me especially as I regarded Q-unique as a dope lyricist and was a big fan of the Arsonists. I remember riding the train going to see relatives in Glen Rock, NJ and rocking this tape to death on my walkman. I still play this tape as much as I did back then. I hope you have as much enjoyment outta this as i’ve had. Check the elmer fudd and daffy duck samples. peace……

Beats For The Breakers

Side A
Side B

Thanks to RELM for his post


  1. how you gonna talk about philaflava and make a blog because of it and philaflava to your links?

  2. anon- i don't know where you got the idea that philaflava was the inspiration behind me creating this blog but I did forget to add the link. It's been added.

  3. I used to love this mixtape! I played this thing until it hissed louder than the music. Picked it up at an Arsonists show in Toronto around '99. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yo please please please re-up this!! I los my tape back in 2001 and cant find this anywhere!!!