May 20, 2012


I've had the itch to dig something terrible lately. I caught this one on a dig over the weekend, it's kind of a cheese record but I'm digging it right now. The cover makes you immediately want to pass over it, but don't sleep. Peace to all the vinyl spots still surviving, especially those with dollar bins.

Michael Quatro - Stripper


  1. I heard this on someone's break mix before..

    Kon & Amir
    Rev Shines
    The Conmen

    ^One of those,i have all their break mixes but can't remember who and what mix it was on.

    Yo Nes,what year is that break from?


  2. Nes,speaking of Rev Shines,all his mixes are up on his soundcloud page.

    Free DL's..

    All his break mixes are dope,especially "Today's Good News 1".

    I have OG copies of both volumes of "Today's Good News" which are now REALLY hard to find.


  3. you're right, i think this was on one of the kon and amir tapes. It's from 1976 on the Prodigal label, says it's part of motown recordings. Those Rev Shine mixes are dope, good looks on the tip.