May 21, 2012

Rev Shines' mixes

Shout out to Will for linking me to Rev Shines soundcloud page. Rev Shines did a bunch of good break mixes a few years back and are now available free on his page. Definitely recommended listening. Shout out to Mr Mass.

Mass Education for Your Ears(classic breaks & samples mix) by Rev. Shines

Today's Good News Vol. 1(mixtape) by Rev. Shines


  1. haha

    That "Stripper" break is at the 26:14 mark of the Rev Shines Mr.Mass mix.

    But,i'm positive someone else had it on one of their mixes a long time ago.


  2. Nes

    Is there any chance you could split that "New York Live" w/Lord Finesse and Onyx into 2 seperate parts,so i can put them onto a cd?