May 27, 2011

Stretch & Bobbito 10-19-1995

This is a full Stretch & Bobbito show from October 19, 1995, featuring The Other Side (a group featuring 5Ft from Black Moon), Sunz of Man, Smoothe the Hustla and Trigga Da Gambler. Peace to Greg T, Stretch & Bobbito. Updated links come courtesy of DJ Eclipse.

May 24, 2011

Non-Phixion Hot 97 Freestyle

Here's Non Phixion with a freestyle on Hot 97, Boogie and the Barber, August 2, 1998. Peace to DJ Eclipse.

Non-Phixion Freestyle Hot 97

May 20, 2011

New York Live WNYU 1996 (w/Choclair)

Martin Moore and DJ Mayhem on WNYU 89.1 with special guest Choclair, who drops a quick two verses over Jay-Z's 'Dead Presidents' instrumental. Peace to Talib for the rip.

New York Live 1996 (w/Choclair)

May 16, 2011

Ras Kass & Canibus on Future Flavors 1999

Ras Kass and Canibus make an appearance on Pete Rock and Marley Marl's Future Flavors.
They play a 4 Horsemen track using the same intro beat for 'The Symphony', which might be exclusive (insert KRS drop) to Future Flavors. Next the two drop a verse before the show ends.
Thanks to Greg T for this one...

Ras Kass & Canibus Future Flavors 1999

May 10, 2011

Stretch & Bobbito 1997

Another one from Nasa at Uncommon Music. This is a Stretch & Bobbito 'Boogie and the Barber' show from some time in 1997, straight mix, no guest...

Stretch & Bobbito Hot 97 1997

1) Jay-Z - Foundation
2) Black Attack - Verbal Attack (w/Problemz)
3) Street Smartz - Metal Thangz (w/FT/Pharoah Monche)
4) Grav - City to City
5) Dutchmin - Surrounded
6) Mic Break/commercial
7) Shabaam Sadiq - ?
8) Krumsnatcha - Closer to God
9) DJ Honda - Kill the Noize (w/Problemz/Black Attack)
10) Mic Break
11) Big Pun - You ain't a killer
12) Saukrates - Rollin' (w/Masta Ace)
13) Mobb Deep -
14) Natural Resources - Bums
15) Camp Lo - Hollywood (w/De La Soul)
16) Buckshot - Follow me
17) Meaner - Saratoga Ave
18) Royal Flush - Iced Down Medalions (w/Nore)
19) Mobb Deep - God III
20) Cella Dwellas - Maintain

May 7, 2011

Natural Elements

I found some more Natural Elements material on one of my old Stretch tapes,
this one dated July 31, 1997. The freestyle session features Mr.Voo, L-Swift and A-Butta.
The same night they played a joint I've never heard released on anything..

Natural Elements Freestyle 89.9

Natural Elements (1997 demo)

*Peep this post if you missed 'Knick Knack'.