May 7, 2011

Natural Elements

I found some more Natural Elements material on one of my old Stretch tapes,
this one dated July 31, 1997. The freestyle session features Mr.Voo, L-Swift and A-Butta.
The same night they played a joint I've never heard released on anything..

Natural Elements Freestyle 89.9

Natural Elements (1997 demo)

*Peep this post if you missed 'Knick Knack'.


  1. Great stuff, thanks Nes. Natural E was one of the illest crew of the 90s, no doubt.

  2. Ha, that's some dopeness right there. Never heard that before anywhere. Good lookin' out.

  3. A version of that demo track appeared on the unreleased Tommy Boy CD as "By Nature"

  4. word, I never actually listened to that LP in full, I'll have to check that

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