January 24, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito Hot 97 7-26-1998

No guest, just 50 minutes of Stretch in the mix...

Peace to Greg T, Stretch & Bobbito. Feel free to hit the comments and fill in the track list blanks or just say peace.

Stretch & Bobbito July 26, 1998 Hot 97

1) OC & MOP - Down for Whateva
2) Street Smartz & FT - Don't Trust Anyone
3) Paula Perry - Extra, Extra
4) Masta Ace - Cars
5) Baron Ricks - Harlem River Drive
6) Noreaga - Da Story
7) DITC - Dignified Soldiers
8) prince Po & QB - Top to the Bottom
9) Mic Break
10) Kool G Rap - ?
11) Dynasty - Wild Cat


  1. 5.) baron ricks - harlem river drive

  2. big up my man dj cucumber slice!

  3. 6)noreaga. the name of the song is "da story" from his N.O.R.E. album.

    8)Prince Po & QB - Top to Bottom

    I wonder what that Kool G. Rap record is next to last. don't think it was on Roots of Evil album.

  4. ^word thanks for filling those in..

    I was thinking the same thing about that Kool G track, I listened to the Roots of Evil to see if it was on it but it wasn't, I'm really curious where that is from.

  5. my boy NES always handing out candy for us. It's like Halloween when I stop by this page..
    I'm flying back to NJ for 10 days tomorrow.
    We should hang out and listen to some Willy Nelson or something...

  6. Sorry, that would be Willie Nelson. No disrespect...

  7. lol, I got the fresh Kenny Rogers joints too!