January 17, 2010

The Beatnuts - Watch Out Now (original version)

When The Beatnuts first made 'Watch Out Now' I guess they had some label issues because the line in Psycho Les' original first verse says 'if you wanna get ---d get on a label like Rela (but this is Def Jam), f- them, whatever.' The song was released as a promo only on a Def Jam/Violator project before making it as a 12" from the 'Musical Massacre' LP, but not with those original lyrics.

Aside from the different lyrics on this unreleased version, the drums sound a little different as well (or it could just be me). The 'Hi-Jack' sample is still pretty much the same. This version didn't make it to any official vinyl releases and probably only saw a few radio plays (caught this from a Stretch show).

The Beatnuts - Watch Out Now
(original version with relativity diss)

The Beatnuts - Watch Out Now (LP video version)