April 12, 2008

Dilated Peeps

Here is a Halftime show featuring Dilated Peoples and DJ Babu from November, 1999. This is their first radio appearance in New York. You'll hear an interview with Evidence and Rakaa Iriscience, freestyles from the two, and then a 20 minute mix from DJ Babu.

Halftime Show 1999 (Dilated Peoples)


  1. I have this somewhere and believe the date is:

    November 19th 1999

  2. good lookin, I'm usually good with the dates on my tape but forgot on this one.

  3. Thanks for this! By the way I came across your Make it funky mix. Good stuff man. Keep it up!

  4. can u please update this download link the zhsare link is dead
    much appreciated if possible