March 26, 2011

Stretch & Bobbito B-Side

The B-Side was a show Stretch, & Bobbito had on Hot 97 in 1996, that ran quadra-monthly. Episodes include guests ATCQ and Consequence promoting the 'Beats Rhymes and Life' Lp, Jeru the Damaja and DJ Premier promiting the 'Wrath of the Math' Lp, and Redman promoting the 'Muddy Waters' Lp.

Here are all 3 B-Side episodes.
The first is one I found online (peace to the original uploader)
second comes courtesy of Talib.
*third episode featuring Redman (courtesy of UNT)

The B-Side (featuring A Tribe Called Quest & Consequence)

The B-Side (featuring Jeru the Damaja & DJ Premier)

The B Side (featuring Redman)

words from Bobbito on the B-Side...

"The B-side show, if I remember correctly, only happened these three times. It was sort of an experiment to get me and Stretch on more prime time, during Angie's weekday evening slot. It went over well with everyone. It was kind of like a showcase of anticipated albums from artists who were known from our corner of the world. I think that'd be like 8pm to 9pm? I don't really remember (the time slot). Our Sunday, 'Boogie and the Barber', show on hot was from 11pm to 1am.

Another thing you may want to search for is me and Stretch doing the subbing for Ed Lover and Dr. Dre's morning show on January 1, 1997. I can't remember why they couldn't do it, but people were absolutely buggin' to hear us that early (started at 5am i think until 8am) on prime time. We were just ourselves, acting stupid, snapping, all that. I can't remember, but I don't think stretch dj'ed, the station just played their regular playlist and we talked a lot. I don't have a recording though . . ."

-DJ Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love
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  1. yo Nes, thanks for the new shows as well as the background info about The B-Side!

  2. no doubt, I never actually heard a B-side show live, just filling in what I know. I only know that Redman episode exists because I heard a commercial for it on one of the Boogie and Barber shows..

  3. Thank you very much! I loved that B-Side show with Tribe and Consequence so I've been waiting for more. Gonna peep this late tonight.

  4. Infinite props to you, Nes. It's not the full episode, but here's a clip of when Red was on the show promoting Muddy Waters (courtesy of UNT).

  5. ^^word, definitely big thanks for helping out

  6. Top man as ever Nes, much appreciated fella

  7. good lookin on that Redman show