August 19, 2010

KZSU Drum Show

I was going through some old cassettes I and found some material from the 'Drum Show'. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, The Drum Show is the longest running (20+ years) hip hop radio show hosted by DJ Kevvy Kev on KZSU, 90.5, in Stanford, California.

I found a promo from the show done by O.C. (which uses the same sample used by Extra P for "Large Proverbs" (Bayete??) ) and some freestyles from Redman and the Wu-Tang Clan. Peep it...

OC Promo

Redman Freestyles

Wu-Tang Freestyles

If you enjoy old radio freestyles, check out Kurlee Dadee's blog
with a mass amount of KZSU Drum Show freestyles.


  1. Yo Nes, once again I gotta give you mad props for unearthing some real hip-hop gems! Never heard of that OC promo, and the Redman freestyle is real nice.

  2. DOPE!! I don't know if you, Nes and Kool Max Power, know, but Kurlee Daddee(im not sure who he is as I never heard the show, being from Jersey and all) has a blog where he's been steadily uploading mostly freestyles from 90's KZSU Drum shows for about a year or more now.
    Check 'em out here:
    Thanks again Nes! That promo is dope as hell!

  3. Never heard of the Kurlee Daddee blog, but it looks promising. Thanks a lot for the info, Verge!

  4. no doubt, I follow dude's blog, he's got some good freestyle sessions on there. I actually meant to link him to the post gonna do that now..

  5. Yo my man, KZSU Stanford is on 90.1, not 90.5

    And originally Kevvy Kev's (not DJ Kevvy Kev) show was called "The Drum Posse" and now it's just called "The Drum". Props for posting that shit though. I have some old Drum Posse shows on tape and freestyles from the show. I'll send 'em your way.

  6. word, thanks for the info about the show.
    would definitely check any shows you have.
    I like listening to the old Kevvy Kev & Wake Up Shows
    email is