March 27, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 1-12-1995 (Nine)

This show has to be late 1994-early 1995 judging by the tracks on it. Special guest in the studio is Nine. You'll hear Stretch mention the 'In My Lifetime' record as 'some new Jay-Z', a Shook Ones remix using Gangstarr's '? Remains' instrumental, and an overall nice selection of tracks. This tape is a contribution to Dirty Waters from the homey SG in Perth Amboy, NJ. Any readers who have radio tapes they need ripped to MP3 and want to share them on this blog, feel free to email. Peace to Stretch & Bobbito Stretch & Bobbito 1-12-1995 (Nine) 1) Double X Posse - He Asked for it 2) Crustified Dibbs & BIG - Renaissance 3) Alkaholiks - WLIX 4) Mobb Deep - Shook Ones (Stretch Remix) 5) World Renown - How Nice I am 6) Channel Live - Mad Izm (Buckwild Remix) 7) Smif N Wessun - Sound Boy Burriel 8) Jay Z - In My Lifetime (Original Ski version) 9) Big Red & Diamond D - How They Want it 10) Eddie F & The Untouchables - Let' Get it on (Beatnuts Remix?) 11) Lord Finesse - Check the Method 12) Nine - Redrum 13) Artifacts - Cmon With the Get Down (Buckwild Remix) 14) Nine Freestyle 15) Diamond D - With the Dope Sound (Demo Version) 16) Channel Live - Reprogram Nine's appearance on Yo! MTV Raps from Themeaningofdope ..


  1. yo, thanks a ton for these Stretch and Bobbito joints! i mean, i just dont know how to thank u!

    i have tons of footage of old Rap City & Yo!MTV Raps episodes from the 90's in the stash.
    i even have this interview with Nine in my collection!
    if u have any to share please holla at me,

  2. have a few Yo interviews, I swent most of them to, or you can see all the Yo footage I have by clicking the label -

  3. what up nes

    good shizz. track 5 is World Renown- How Nice I Am.


  4. Yo thank you for this..Been a while, whats the track after the jay track?

  5. You big ups on this. Thanks fam. ~Diggy