August 17, 2009

Poetical Prophets

For those of you who don't know, Havoc and Prodigy carried the name Poetical Prophets before changing it to Mobb Deep. I don't know much about this first group they had or how many tracks they made under the name, but I have one here. Company Flow fans may recognize this one as the sample for Juvenile Techniques, 'The juvenile, delinquent living foul.' I'm not sure if this was even released on vinyl? I got this from a Stretch & Bobbito show.


  1. won't play for me, same with the one above...

  2. Me neither.

    Nes can you provide a download link?


  3. From which S&B show is this? would love to have it.

  4. update - said demo is actually not a Poetical Prophets demo, it is a Havoc guest appearance on Anttex's As The World Turns, off the Suburban Etiquette lp.