November 18, 2008

Ak Ha Who?

What's up peoples? Back with some more treats from the cassettes.
Here goes a clip of Akinyele live on Haltime from October 2001 for all you Ak fans. Peep the shout out he gives me at the end. Nah, I guess there's some other dude out there named Nes but I'm digging it regardless. I'm trying out rapidshare this time for the downloads.

I guess 'Put it in your mouth' is where most people know him from, but if you haven't heard it, peep his 1st LP from 1993. The majority of the LP, if not all of it, was produced by Large Professor with some cuts added by DJ Rob Swift. The album was pre Akinyele rhyming only about sex, and showcasing his semi annoying low drop in vocal tone on his rhyming words. You either like this guy or you don't I guess, he's definitely one of those...

Also check out one of my favorites from his 93 LP 'Dear Diary' (Rob Swift get busy!) and the video for 'Ak-Ha-Ha' fitting right in with the skully cap trend. This LP is one of my gems, I think it was pressed on vinyl as a promo only on interscope, like a lot of LP's from 92/93 (Diamond D, Tribe's 'Low End', etc). I've seen it on vinyl with a picture cover but not sure if it's a bootleg or what. Anyone who knows can drop the knowledge. This was when they thought Cd's were taking over, now it's mp3's. I'm glad to see some people still insisting on releasing vinyl.

Anyone out there have a nice quality rip of the 'Break a Bitch neck' remix with Kool G Rap?


  1. vagina diner was officialy released on vinyl when it first came out..

  2. i thought i might have been talking out of my ass, still very hard to get original


    "for break a bitch neck" mp3

  4. nice thats my joint right there