May 4, 2009

Kool Keith WRSU 7/25/2004

Kool Keith is a legend, and I don't know how my boy Keef Kash convinced him and his boys to drive their beemer all the way from the Bronx to New Brunswick, N.J., for no money, but he did. It just goes to show how kool Kieth really is.

Keith rolled down with his DJ Jaycee, and his other friend to promote his Personal Album on WRSU's Radio Ruckus in 2004 (as you may have read in this post from 2007).The Personal Album is just that, a personal album made by Keith that supposedly wasn't released or made available for sale. Fortunately for those of you interested, you'll hear two tracks from the album on this show. Kool Keith was nice enough to hang out with us at the station, answer some questions, drop a few rhymes, sign a few things, take some pics, and chop it up with us for a minute. It was definitely one of the more memorable nights at the show.

For those who don't know, Radio Ruckus was one the longest running hip hop radio shows in the NJ area on WRSU, 88.7 f.m. My boy DJ Force was holding it down there for a minute, and we were able to meet a few well known artists through doing it. You'll hear the throwback intro (from 2000 when Radio Ruckus had the 2nd roster line up) in the beginning of this mix, but at this time AB and DJ Knowledge were the residents and I was filling in. From time to time I might drop a few of these Ruckus shows on DW, I need to rip the ones with Rugged Man and DJ Sinista next. Leave some feedback if you have any interest or enjoy this one here...

Anyway this is the show in its entirety, the full two hour broadcast dated July 25, 2004, featuring special guests Kool Keith and Oktober, who was featured a few posts back on the CM fam show Relm sent over. You'll hear your boy DJ Nes on the wheels, then host DJ Force on the wheels, followed by special guest Kool Keith getting interviewed by Keef and AB and Oktober closing the show. Peace to DJ Force, Keef Kash, AB, and all the WRSU heads.

Radio Ruckus - July 25, 2004 (featuring Kool Keith & Oktober)

1) Intro
2) Ultimate Force - I'm not Playin
3) Unique - Pure Dynamite
4) Boogie Down Productions - Poetry
5) JVC Force - Strong Island
6) Positive K - Quarter Gram Pam
7) YZ - In Control of Things
8) Too Poetic - God Make Me Funky
9) N.W.A. - Something Like that
10) Alliance - Bustin Loose
11) Divine Sounds - Bedstuy Do or Die
12) Schooly D - Saturday Night
13) Eric B & Rakim - Paid in Full
14) Ultramagnetic MC's/Kool Keith joints
(about 30 minutes worth)
15) Kool Keith Interview
16) Kool Keith - It Gotta Be That Way
17) Kool Keith - Girl Wants to Kill Herself
18) Kool Keith - Freestyle
19) Oktober/2 for 5 joints
20) Oktober Freestyle

To hear another track from the Personal Album, check this post.


  1. cherish this shit is golden.thanks.

  2. Sports for days....Nes good looks on posting this. Was a special night for sure. Keep doin it.


  3. Halo that interview was classic, had a lot of people e-mail on that. Peace to everyone e-mailing from the Kool Keith message boards too..

  4. Sweet thats dope to know...Been putting a lot of cats in my bball league up on the blog you got goin.

  5. nes i was at rutgers from 96-00. not sure if you were one of the djs for radio ruckus during that period, but i do recall listening to a show on i think sunday nights. pardon my memory of that era, it's hazy. anyway i loved the show then and appreciate the work youre doing now on this blog. good stuff, thanks.

  6. yeah Force and I became part of the show late 1999, and Force still does the show although I think it is on a hiatus right now. Appreciate the comment, I got some more ruckus shows on the way..

  7. Hi Nes, when I try to decompress the RAR file, it puts: "Corrupt or damaged file"..., so could you reupload it?. Thanks.

  8. Nes killing the intro set! Awesome to hear Keith get a little loose on the mic... he sounding like he was having a great time up there! only wish it coulda gone on longer... thanks for making this happen!