January 5, 2009


I just peeped Dithers, a documentary about underground art. I'm pretty big on documentaries, good ones, this one was decent. They could have made the segments a little longer. If you get it through Blockbuster they might only give you one of the three discs, I'm still waiting for the others. I saw disc 2 which had most notably interviews with Zephyr, Stash, Ricky Powell, Andy Jenkins, and Andy Howell. I'm waiting to see the ones with Seen, Revolt, Jest, etc., so for now I guess I'll give it one thumb up.

The Stash and Zephyr interviews were dope, although pretty short. They really could have let them talk more about different stuff, or covered more of their work. Maybe the bonus scenes have more, does anyone out there own this or watched all three discs? I'm wondering how the rest of it is. Blockbuster cough it up.

Also featured is Ricky Powell. It was years before I found out he was a photographer after hearing him mentioned on that Beastie Boys track. I heard him on Underground Railroad maybe last weekend talking about how he's had a really good year for himself, he's definitely paid his dues.

Another graphic designer featured in the film is Andy Howell, who you might remember as the creator/team rider of the New Deal skateboarding company. Aside from designing nice board and shirt graphics these guys had some pretty good shorts and jeans back then.

I used to read the 'Wrench Pilots' in Transworld magazine and I remember them being one of my favorite parts of that magazine back then. Dithers features an interview with the illustrator/author of those Andy Jenkins, who also co-founded the skateboard company Girl.


  1. Ai man. i got this 2 Christmas's back. 2nd disc is the same as first, just with different artists. 3rd is the ricky powell interviews, which is done similar fashion to 'rappin with the rickster', duke gets blazed, interviews/rips on artists/celebrities, films his cats etc..through his handicam

    i think theres a dithers2, but i havnt checked yet. should be hype!

  2. dam i thought this came out recently i gotta check for the part 2