December 19, 2008

S-One's Kick Review

We officially have a new section here at Dirty Waters, S-One's Kick review. For now it looks like a seasonal guest spot from S-One, highlighting some of the gems in his sneaker collection. First up we got some rare Nike SB's. All you sneaker heads out there enjoy, and leave some feedback. Click on photos to see closer detail.

Nike SB Dunk High (De La Soul Edition)

These Dunks were released in 2005. A collabo with De La Soul that features the 'Three Feet High and Rising' album cover in a sort of holographic heel section. These babies have green 'Elephant print' and the softest suede I've felt on a Nike. The crazy orange-ish piping just sets these off!

Nike SB Dunk High (Unkle Edition)

These bad boys are pretty rare and pretty expensive. One of the limited edition series of collaborations Nike did with 'street artists' to reach a new audience.

Designed in 2004 as a tribute to the British ‘Trip-Hop’ crew known as UNKLE. The renowned artist Futura2000 designed the graphics. Pink Nubuck, black leather, and a white Patent leather swoosh. Fire.

Nike Zoom Air P Rod 2 (Cinco De Mayo)

These are Paul Rodriguez’ second version of his signature sneaker, the P-Rod IIs. This edition was released in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, 2006. The Colorway represents the Mexican Flag.

There is a laser-etched design covering most of the shoe. The laser etching is completely different on the left and right sneakers. The tongue on the right one says ‘Smile Now…’ and the rest of the shoe features a woman, some roses and an Angel wing. The left tongue says ‘…Cry Later’ and that shoe has the same woman except this time she’s crying and the roses are wilted. The Angel wing has turned to a bat wing on the left shoe. The insoles are also different with the right one having flowers and such while the left one has a rendition of the Grim Reaper with his scythe.


  1. Yo spanks,

    You want rare.

    Peep these 1 of 10 made for my Nike bball league, we won the finals the 1st year. Basketball color desert clay with the league logo on the side. I know cats don't have these. Except for me and my teammates.

  2. why i want a keef kash kick review...

  3. Check out the Jordan P-Rod I or the Futura P-Rod I's; thats where its @! I'd kill for a pair of the UNKLE's though