July 21, 2008

S-One's Kick review

My boy S-One, like Nas, is an addict for sneakers (and maybe even 20's of buddah and bitches with beepers, or the updated version, 60's of buddah and bitches with blackberries). I was trying to get him involved in the DW anniversary celebration with a Bob Marley post because he also has a thorough knowledge of his work, but it was proving difficult for him to choose favorites. I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but hip hop culture has always had somewhat of an obsession with sneakers, and if there is anyone to expand on this topic, it's my boy S-One. S-One has a mean Itunes presence, and an even meaner kick game. The following is a little something S-One put together highlighting some essential kicks that have made an impact through the years, including some fun facts and other info, enjoy...

Hip-Hop culture and Sneakers have gone hand in hand since before RUN-DMC wrote a song about their Adidas. From Shell Toes, to Jordans, to Dunks, fresh kicks have long been apart of the game. Today, DJ Nes and I are going to take you through some of the most important, influential, or just downright dope kicks ever made. This is a brief overview of some of the brands and styles. We may get deeper into more brands and models in a later post. All you sneakerheads hit the comments up and let us know if you agree/disagree with the picks, or if we suck and you just wish Nes would post some more Stretch Armstrong Show mp3s. Since style and taste are purely subjective this cannot be considered a complete or comprehensive list. Your list may, and probably should, vary from this one. Also, these are in no particular order. With all that said, let’s get on to DW’s first ever sneaker post!

1. Adidas Superstar (aka Shell-Toes)

What can one say, really, about these iconic sneakers? As mentioned earlier, these kicks were permanently imprinted on the hip-hop psyche by RUN-DMC in the 80s track, “My Adidas”. A staple of street fashion ever since, these Adidas deserve their space on this list. Adidas has also recently released a 'hip hop pack' line of shoes.

2. Chuck Taylor All-Stars

First produced in 1917, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star is the most successful shoe in history. By the turn of the 21st century, over 750 million pairs had been sold worldwide. With numbers like that, it would be a mistake to leave these off this list.

3. Pumas

Pumas were seen on the feet of 80s B-Boys from the BK to the BX. Iconic rappers like MC Shan, Doug E Fresh, and Big Daddy Kane were all known for sporting pumas; and the 3 each have designed their own signature pumas. Pumas came in a bunch of colors, and, like Adidas they sold tracksuits that matched the kicks perfectly. No surprise that the two companies had similar philosophies; Puma and Adidas were owned by two brothers: Rudolph and Adi Dassler, respectively.

4. Jordans

Michael Jordan's sneakers blasted onto the scene in 1984 with the red & black Jordan 1(pictured, left) at a time when nearly every B-Ball sneaker was white. The NBA banned them from play but MJ wore them anyway, being fined up to $5000 per game. It could be claimed that this product line saved Nike as a company and started the whole sneaker craze that still goes on to this day. Many polls find the Jordan IV at the top of the “Greatest Sneaker of All Time” list.

5. Dunks

First released in 1985 as a B-Ball sneaker, the Nike Dunk has become an urban icon and has also recently been reinvented as a skateboarding sneaker (Dunk SB). The wild colors and materials used on many of these Dunk SBs have caused them to become sought after by sneaker collectors. Nike releases limited editions at select retailers and collectors have been known to camp out for days leading up to a particularly juicy drop. Dunks come in high and low-top flavors.

6. Air Max

Nike introduced the Air Max line in 1987 and revolutionized the industry. Most of the line feature a visible air unit in the soles. There have been many distinct models in the Air Max line including Air Max 90s, 95s, and 97s. Air Max 95s were particularly well received by the public and there have been numerous limited editions and variations on the design, which was based on human anatomy.

7. Air Force 1

Perhaps the reining King of sneakers in the hip-hop world, the Nike Air Force One needs no introduction. I’ll give you one anyway: The Air Force 1 was introduced in 1982 and discontinued the following year. It was re-released in 1986. There have been over 1,700 color variations, although solid white and solid black remain the most popular. It is estimated that Nike brings in over $800 million USD per year on the Air Force One alone.

I want to give a special shout to S-One for taking the time to drop some sneaker knowledge for me. Stay tuned for more sneaker posts, and a special post featuring highlights from Oner's personal collection...


  1. "60's of buddah and bitches with blackberries"

    ha ha, that's funny!

    nice post!

    Even sneakers (not only hip hop) in the 90's were far better! Is it a coincidence? (Or is it only because we were young?)

  2. Awe man...AIR MAX! You had to have the nike short set to match with the MAX or it just wouldn't be right. Those were the days! lol

  3. Nuff respekt 2 you guys 4 this nice blog and this post particulary. Addicted 2 sneakers

  4. I have 12 pairs or converse, but the man with the most converse has like 2 million pairs. AND their all different designs.