June 5, 2008

A Pisces, Fish, and a Doctor

Next up to guest post is my PNC from way back, official DW representation, Keef Kash aka the Halo Effect. Keef is one of the most knowledgable people you will meet, particularly when it comes to sports, music, and culture. He is literally a walking sports almanac. I still remember the Radio Ruckus show with special guest Kool Kieth (when Keef and I were co-hosting) where Keef & Kieth went tit for tat talking sports trivia for nearly an hour. One of these days I'm going to rip that show in it's entirety for this site. Keef has recently started a blog called Greenlight Halo which comes highly recommended, lots of humor and sports write ups. He was nice enough to do a piece for the site here about the classic film 'The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh'. Enjoy...

Many times, one can associate music with a sport (this time the example is basketball). One prime example are “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh” featuring Julius Irving, or more often called Dr. J. Many critics out there, in both particular genres view this movie to be excellent, as well the composed musical soundtrack tracks to be top notch.

Dr. J plays a character called Guthrie in the movie, he is a star on the squad, but can’t seem to take the team to the next level. Being a talented individual player, the team is at the at bottom of the division, some may use the term pisspoor. As the movie progresses, the towel boy goes to see a psychic (not like Miss Cleo). To make a long story short, she realizes Dr. J (Guthrie) is a Pisces, and should only be playing with other Pisces. The team is not concocted of a bunch of odd balls, from an open tryout. After the team is composed, they start to run shit, and become virtually unbeatable. Sort of like the transition did from early days of the ABA (American Basketball Association) to the likes of the NBA, playing and bringing a title to the city of brotherly love in ’83. Philadelphia aka illadelph is still searching for a title in any sport since ’83. So it goes to show, how good the doctor was in his prime. At that time basketball had many hall of fame dudes from: Bird to Magic, and many in between. Dr. J went on to revolutionize the game, pre-MJ. His moves, dunks and ability to score might not ever be duplicated, even in this day and age.

Throughout the movie we hear various tracks that have been instilled in instant hip-hop classics. Tracks off this soundtrack have been sampled by: Lords of the Underground, Krs-One, The Lox featuring Mase and Black Rob, Talib Kweli. Lots of these tracks have a slight form of disco, some swirling horns to jams with a wah wah guitar. Check out 'Moses Theme' with music from Thomas Bell, Leroy bell, and Casey James, and vocals from Frankie Bleu.

DR.J Highlight Mix

ABA 1976 Slam Dunk Contest

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