December 28, 2007

Repeat Offender

For those of you who remember the now defunct 'On the Go' magazine, in 1995 they released a 30 minute promotional video that was off the hook. It's got a little something for everyone on there, whether you are a graffiti artist, turntablist, DJ, crate digger, skateboarder, or just a fan of hip hop music/culture in general. You'll see an exclusive freestyle session with Black Thought from the Roots with Question doing beatbox; a short interview with the Artifacts; exclusive sets from Rob Swift and DJ Mista Sinista from the X-men; all types of graffiti stills, bombing sessions, and interviews with graffiti artists; skateboarding: and cameos from Mike G (Jungle Brothers), Positive K, Masta Ace, and The Pharcyde.

I was trying to figure out how to transfer DVD's into mpeg files for the longest time and I finally figured out how to do it. I didn't see this video anywhere on youtube, or anywhere else, so you get the exclusive first look (or second look if you've already seen it) here at Dirtywaters...

On the Go - Repeat Offender


  1. ohhhhhhh myyyyy HAVE Repeat Offender? shit is serious man! i haven't seen that in AGES, and it was "old" when i first saw it too!

    let me know if you can burn a copy onto a dvd or something. hit me up, let's talk...


  2. I for one am very interested. I lost miles and miles of videotapes of old Rap City episodes back when anybody could make a video. For instance, the video for Wu Tang's "Method Man" where Meth is just walking through a field of weed. Needless to say, no one plays that one anymore... I could kick myself for not keeping a better eye on those tapes.

  3. You are deep, dope, and all that. I know this is on a totally different wavelength and years later, but I have tons of those old 'Luke's Peep Show' on video. I am in the process of digitizing them. It's pretty Ill to see late 90's hip hop hero's gettin' mad wasted, gettin' lap dances, and clownin'. Those raw videos were such a trip.

    Seriously man, this is one of the dopest blogs I have stumbled across thus far. Keep Keepin' On...

  4. Yo mtv raps is the shit, just like your blog

  5. I think they took the Repeat Offender video off youtube again, at the moment they are not working and I cannot even find them by searching them on youtube.

    I would be interested in gettiing the full thing as a download.
    and it would also be cool to see Yo! MTV Rap's oldest shows.

  6. Unfortunately Haze (the co-creator of the video) requested I take down so they had to be removed. I might throw up some MTV stuff for download soon