March 4, 2009

S-One's Kick review

We got some more of S-one's favorite jizzy's from the stash!
They may not be the rarest, newest, coolest sneakers out, just
some personal favorites, and some heat as usual.

Happy Birthday to my homie S-One!

Nike SB (Huf)

Pro-skater and entrepreneur Keith Hufnagel designed these for his shop, HUF in San Francisco. Much of the sneaker is done in distressed (a.k.a. – cracked) leather. These also sport tie-dyed side and back panels for a tribute to S.F.’s time as the center of Psychedelia in the 60s.

Nike SB Dunk Low (High Hair)

These SB Dunks lows have “High-Hairs” stitched on the heel and were designed by the guys at Jersey’s own N.J. Skate Shop in Sayreville, NJ to resemble a can of that 1980s staple Aqua-Net hairspray, a tribute to (also Jersey’s own) Bon Jovi, 80s glam rock, and big, over sprayed hair styles. They have a strange lace-like material over the leather.

Nike Air Max 95

These are Air Max 95s and they are what first drew me in to sneaker collecting. A couple of these are quite rare in the US, having only been released in the Asia or Europe. My fave 95 of all time is the orange and black and gray joints in the front, and those army green ones are sick!


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