July 3, 2008

Jump on my skateboard and do a muh f**in drive by...

Alright, so I've been going a little scanner happy lately and I pulled out some old Transworlds and Thrashers from my skateboarding days. I actually had a subscription to Transworld and a box full of others from as early as 1987, but I can't find them and I don't know if it was thrown out, oh well. The ones I found were from around 1990-1991. A lot of these old ads took me back in the days when street skateboarding really started to come into form in the late 80's early 90's, when all the independently owned companies started forming. H-Street, New Deal, Real, Blind, Plan B, World Industries This might not be of any interest to some of you, but I had to throw some of these up...

One of the early pioneers of street skateboarding was Matt Hensley, and I notice a lot of people mention him as one of their favorites because of how progressive and stylish he was. He kind of had a short run with skateboarding, stopping to do other things, but he was one of the first people to take street skating to the next level...

Of course you had Powell Peralta with their Bones Brigade team, pretty much the main players in skateboarding at the time, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Lance Mountain, etc. Actually, around the early 90's they started getting new memebers and incorporating more street skating. How many of you out there remember the character in the comic strip ad below? old school, son...

Then you had the Plan B team with legends like Mike Carroll, Danny Way, Sean Sheffey, etc... Primarily street skaters from the California area. I remember that one Plan B video where I first heard Del's 'Burnt' a b-side to Mr. Dobilina. I also remember getting my blue cassingle with Souls of Mischief on one side and Casual on the other at one of those early skate demos I went to.

And for those of you my age, you probably knew about Jason Lee before 'My name is Earl' and all his movie roles through skateboarding. He was a prominent member of the Blind team, first run by the legendary Mark Gonzales. Jason Lee was also one of the skaters to popularize street skateboarding, and the 360 kickflip.

I was also suprised to see Rob Dyrdek (from the show Rob & Big) show up in some of those early magazines. I didn't realize he's been skating since back then. This was before it was recognized in the X-games, when people kind of looked at it as something trivial like hackey sack or frisbee. If you were skateboarding back in those days you were always bound to meet some oddball characters (at least in NJ)...

I guess this post might not have any relevance, but skateboarding ties into hip hop, somewhat, with artists like Lupe and Pharell incorporating it in their music, and the Zoo York videos; as well as back in the day when you had different video parts overdubbed with hip hop songs. Damn it's been a minute since I got on a skateboard.. hope one or two of you out there got set off with some memories, rocking your Stussy shirts with your Airwalks, or playing Skate or Die on Nintendo (the Joust part, like Corey going up against the Daggers in Thrashin'). You know the deal... This post straight goes out to my boy Keef and S-One.


  1. Yo! great scans you might wanna check these out



    didn't know you skate man great blog!

  2. Yes you were on point about hip hop and skateboarding. Back in the day (early- mid 90's) most skate videos were set to good hip hop. See "goldfish" for example.

  3. yeah, used to skate back in the di-day, haven't in long time. Just looked at the sites pretty fresh, I have a bunch of other scans from Transworlds I didn't use if u want I can send them to you...

  4. Matt Hensley was one of my all time favorite skaters, ever! 360 1-foot tail grabs off a bank! And he was such a pool shark as well, there was some video of him playing pool doing all these trick shots. I wonder what he is doing now?

  5. not sure but he should have kept going. Those noseblunt slides and shifty comply tricks were sick, he was king of those

  6. H-Street 'Shackle Me Not'








  7. great links that you posted... thank you very much... :)